Conor Oberst and Milo Ventimiglia are *not* the same person

With the help of James Corden, the Bright Eyes songwriter and This Is Us actor finally debunk a long-running online theory

Conor Oberst and Milo Ventimiglia NOT the same person lookalike James Corden
Conor Oberst and Milo Ventimiglia on James Corden

    Last week saw Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers perform as Better Oblivion Community Center on CBS’ Late Late Show. In addition to the super duo’s stunning stage rendition of “Sleepwalkin”, the two songwriters assisted host James Corden in solving the folk rock mystery to end all folk rock mysteries: Are Conor Oberst and actor Milo Ventimiglia actually just the same person?

    milo ventimiglia conor oberst lookalike james corden

    The theory has been perpetuated online for some time now, with fans posting fairly convincing images that the Bright Eyes genius and This Is Us star are one in the same. The hair! The eyes! The pained facial expressions! In some side-by-side comparisons, the resemblance is pretty darn uncanny.

    milo conor not the same person james corden

    While Corden didn’t go the Jerry Springer route with a DNA test, he did do the next best thing in hopes of finally uncovering the truth the internet has so desperately deserved. Corden brought Oberst and the 41-year-old actor together in the same backstage room.


    The meet-up was nothing short of a fun, heartwarming spectacle, and most importantly debunked the online conspiracy once and for all: Sorry, folks. Oberst and Ventimiglia are NOT the same person.

    But hey, who’s to stop us from dreaming? Or drafting up an imaginary biopic in which Ventimiglia portrays the Omaha troubadour?

    Watch video of the meet-up below.

    Bridgers also posted photos from the Corden reveal on her Instagram:

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