Mitski covers Bleachers’ “Let’s Get Married” for new 7-inch series: Stream

From the first entry in Terrible Thrills Vol. 3, also featuring a new Bleachers track, "Mickey Mantle Comes Alive"

Bleachers (photo by Heather Kaplan) and Mitski (photo by Philip Cosores)

    Jack Antonoff has launched the third volume in his ongoing Terrible Thrills cover series. Past entires have seen female musicians reimagine albums from different points in his career; 2010’s Vol. 1 focused on his pre-fun. outfit Steel Train’s self-titled LP, while 2015’s Vol. 2 featured reworkings of Bleachers’ Strange Desire debut. Vol. 3 is being released as a series of limited edition 7-inches and consists of new versions of tracks from the most recent Bleachers album, 2017’s Gone Now.

    The A-side of Terrible Thrills Vol. 3 Pt. 1 hears Mitski covering “Let’s Get Married”. On Strange Desire, the track is a big, bright, bopper — ya know, a Bleachers song. Mitski rips away all the saccharine synths and thumping drums, replacing them with a gentle piano and cooing vocals. As Antonoff tweeted, this rendition actually “is how it sounded when i first wrote it.”

    Mitski’s “Let’s Get Married” is backed by an alternate version of Gone Now’s opening track, “Dream of Mickey Mantle”. Renamed “Mickey Mantle Comes Alive”, this new take is a shuddering bit of electro-nostalgia that’s 50/50 music and random conversation.


    Subscriptions toTerrible Thrills Vol. 3  have long since sold out and will never be repressed on vinyl, but Antonoff has given his OK for fans to upload the tracks and share them online. So thanks to this download link, you can stream both songs below.

    Mitski is currently on tour supporting the best album of 2018Be the Cowboy. Buy tickets here.

    The second entry in Vol. 3 features Muna’s cover of “All My Heroes” matched with Bleacher’s “I Miss the Last Days of Disco” (a version of “I Miss Those Days”), a “Don’t Take the Money” demo, and a reworking of “Hate That You Know Me” dubbed “Hate That You Slow Me Down”. Then comes Julien Baker’s take on “Everybody Lost Somebody” b/w “Good Morning After a Breakup” (“Goodmorning”) and “Vietnam Documentary (presumably “Goodbye”). The series closes with Ani DiFranco’s “Foreign Girls” paired with “And, Nothing Is You” (“Nothing Is U”).

    Revisit Mitski’s episode of Kyle Meredith with… below.

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