Spotify now offering Hulu for free to premium subscribers

The unlikely student-only pairing will now become one of the better tech bundles going

spotify hulu premium subscription combo package deal
Spotify and Hulu, together as one

As the market continues to flood with a growing number of music, TV, and film streaming options, it’s going to become more and more likely that some will pair together in an effort to corner subscriber wallets. Two years ago, Spotify became one of the first major apps to break into the market, offering Hulu subscription bundles for students. Last year, they introduced a plan that offered the same to all Spotify subscribers, for a fee slightly higher than the standard Premium rate per month.

Now, Spotify has cut out the middle man, announcing today through a blog post that all Spotify Premium subscriptions will now include Hulu, without any extra surcharges. Even those currently on the $12.99 plan will see their next charges drop to $9.99, the standard Premium rate.

Noting the relationship between uses of hit music in certain movies and TV shows and their subsequent spikes in streaming on the app, Spotify now becomes the first to actually cash in on that particular trend in a more direct way.

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However, as the post notes, only current subscribers and those who purchase a new subscription by June 10th, 2019 (or “while supplies last”, which is a little confusing in an app context) will get the essentially free Hulu subscription. They’ll also have to option to upgrade their Hulu service to an ad-free version.

The move comes just weeks after Spotify announced it had posted its first profitable quarter in its 10-year history. The Swedish streaming giant also revealed the acquisition of two major podcast companies, Gimlet and Anchor, which added to this new Hulu deal gives an idea of the breadth of the company’s plans. “As we push towards making Spotify Premium a gateway to a bigger world of entertainment, we’re fully committed to finding new ways to enhance the overall experience for our Premium users and this is just the beginning,” said Marc Hazan, Spotify’s global head of premium business development, in a press release.

Incidentally (or perhaps not so much), Apple yesterday announced a video-related press event for March 25th. The company has long been working on a “Netflix-killer” video service, which will surely pair with Apple Music for an enticing product combo. However, with the news today, it looks like Hulu and Spotify got there first.

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