Banks dances with light in “Gimme” video: Watch

Illuminating visuals for the new single

Banks in the Gimme music video watch
Banks’ “Gimme” music video

    After a nearly two-year absence, Banks returned last month with “Gimme”. Apparently, she has finished at least 44 other songs as she works her way towards her third studio album. Before we hear any of those tracks, however, the alt R&B singer has shared a new way to experience “Gimmie” via its illuminating music video.

    Directed by Matty Peacock (Billie Eilish, Benny Blanco/Halsey/Khalid), the clip finds Banks dancing with light. Not like there’s light near her and she’s dancing, she’s literally dancing with light. A beam of light shot through a prism streaks from above as she pulses and weaves around it, reflecting it off her hands like she’s Dazzler.

    Check it out below while we wait for word on what’s next from Banks.