New York Mayor and presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio apparently loves ska

The Democrat also has a soft spot for The Clash's "many good hits"

Mayor BIll de Blasio ska democratic presidential candidate
Mayor Bill de Blasio

    Bill de Blasio: New York City mayor, Democratic presidential hopeful, and, apparently, rude boy.

    The much maligned politician recently became the 23rd Democrat to announce his candidacy for president, a move even his own constituents feel is an ill-advised waste of time. But now he’s out there in the trenches, blissfully ignorant as he sits down to make his sales pitch during interviews instead of, I don’t know, fixing any of NYC’s myriad issues. Which is how we got to the phrase that is already setting the tone — or 2-tone — of his campaign: “I love ska.”

    During an interview on CNN, de Blasio tried to ward off the criticism he’s been receiving, painting himself as a tough New Yorker who can stand up to “Con Don.” Then came time for a segment called “Candidate Mixtape”, during which New Day host  Alisyn Camerota asked him to name his favorite band. de Blasio stated it was The Clash, which is a pretty “cool” answer, as Camerota pointed out and he agreed to with a flat “yes.” Although, it ended up seeming more like a play for some of Beto O’Rourke’s fanbase when he was pressed to name some of his favorite songs and said “so many,” noting that London Calling has “many good hits” in an oddly smarmy tone.

    He then mentioned reggae acts like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, which prompted Camerota to ask how he felt about ska. And then he said it: “I love ska.” And the Internet went wild:

    It got even more cringeworthy when Camerota said ska was the “combo” of de Blasio’s “punk aesthetic” (no) and reggae. The Mayor responded, “Alisyn, I didn’t know you had all this to you.”


    “Oh yes, there’s a whole hidden ska happening inside,” Camerota said, bafflingly.

    The interview ended with de Blasio high-fiving Camerota and saying the two should go to a Skatalites concert together, appearing impressed that she knew who they were. “Now I’m concerned,” uttered co-host John Berman. You and everyone else, Johnny boy.

    Watch the whole intellectually stimulating back-and-forth below.

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