27 Takeaways from It: Chapter Two’s Teaser Trailer

The Losers' Club offers a complete breakdown of nearly every single shot


Pennywise in It: Chapter Two (Warner Bros.)

    “This meeting of the Losers’ Club has officially begun.”

    After floating around in limbo for months upon months, Warner Bros. finally delivered and teased our highly anticipated return to Derry, Maine with the first trailer for It: Chapter Two.

    Based on what we see, this is essentially the same footage that was shown this past April at CinemaCon. Even so, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to unpack or sort through.

    Ahead, we’ve compiled 27 takeaways for the 27 years the Losers’ Club has been gone. Some are stray observations, some are theories, and some are downright chilling insights.


    Of course, seeing how we’ll be discussing portions of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, there are major spoilers that will crop up. So, beware as you read ahead.

    27. Wait, That’s Not Mr. Marsh

    Look closely and you’ll see the name “Marsh” listed on the door to Bev’s childhood home. Thankfully, her abusive father doesn’t answer, but Mrs. Kersh. In other words, you should know something’s up; that is, if the low lighting and ominous tones didn’t clue you in.

    26. My Blood Stains There Too…

    It’s creepy to think that Ben’s postcard is still stained with blood even 27 years later. If you recall, the Losers were the only ones who could see the blood when it burst in Bev’s bathroom, making the blood itself a construct of Pennywise’s meticulous nightmares.

    25. More Peripheral Horror


    One of the stronger facets of the 2017 original was the peripheral horror, those moments where you nearly had to strain to see the scares (think: the librarian with Ben). This trailer is chock full of those spooky gasps, and we get several with Kersh.

    24. Six Flies for Six Losers

    Even Pennywise isn’t averse to using bugs as a visual metaphor.

    23. We’d Recognize That Face Anywhere

    That dead stare is one of the more unnerving traits of Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise, so to see Kersh fall into that dazed stupor is all kinds of eerie. She almost just shuts down amidst her gaze, as if she’s recharging while basking in the glow of fear.

    22. The Birds…


    Those birds aren’t a coincidence, especially in the context of King’s novel and his outside works. For starters, there’s the enormous bird that attacks Mike Hanlon, but also, Stan Uris has an affinity for birds, even carrying around a bird book. And to top it all off, birds — or rather, sparrows — factor heavily into King’s other novel The Dark Half, which deals with alternate personalities … you know, like Pennywise and Kersh? Hmm.

    21. Bev’s Bruises

    A cursory glance at Bev’s arms reveals that we’re sadly going to see the wrath of her abusive husband Tom, who will be played by Will Beinbrink. Based on those bruises, these scenes might be even more harrowing than those involving the deadly clown.

    20. My Fadder…

    Constant Readers will no doubt recognize that accent of Mrs. Kersh’s, particularly how she says “Fadder.” That word is straight out of the novel, and even ties to Pennywise’s cosmic origins, which suggests the film may peel back the paint on the clown.

    19. Pennywise’s Origins


    The paint’s certainly peeling as this picture hints at Pennywise’s historic ties. In the novel, we learn that he used to go by the name Bob Gray, which may have been a wink, wink nod to the legendary child cannibal Albert Fish, who shared the same pseudonym.

    18. Where’s Eddie?

    No comment. No comment at all.

    17. The Walking Tours

    One of the greatest chapters from the Grownups part of the book is titled “Walking Tours” and finds our Losers getting back into the groove of things as they revisit their past haunts. Some of the sharpest shots of this trailer capture them doing just that.

    16. The Jade!

    As King wrote, “There was a moment of silence and then Mike said, “Just out past the mall, there’s a restaurant called Jade of the Orient. They have private rooms for parties. I arranged for one of them yesterday. We can have it the whole afternoon, if we want it.'”

    15. Hello, Georgie!


    It’s good to know Bill’s brother is still floating about.

    14. Richie Reppin’ Screaming Hand

    Ever since Finn Wolfhard was cast as Richie Tozier, we knew he’d be the coolest, but rolling around in a Santa Cruz skate shirt is all kinds of cool for an ’80s kid living all the way in Derry, Maine. One has to wonder if the Calpurnia singer brought that to the set.

    13. Hanlon Gets to Hang Around This Time

    In the novel, Mike Hanlon gets sidelined before the big fight. Not this time around, so it seems.

    12. Look Behind You, Richie!


    More peripheral horror for your pleasure.

    11. Bunyan’s Back

    Will the statue come alive and attack Richie as an adult? Hmm.

    10. Mellon-Sized Balloons

    These balloons follow a very, very disturbing sequence involving one Adrian Mellon, who will be played by Xavier Dolan. The biggest question, though, is why does it seem like Mike Hanlon is around to grab a balloon for his lonesome?

    09. Bird Box?

    We’re hoping this is another flashback, this time involving young Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs) and potentially some wild shape-shifting by Pennywise. Already, we explained that Hanlon was attacked by a giant bird in the book. Well, that happens at an old water tower, so perhaps they shifted that scene to the burned-out building his parents perished in?

    08. No, Seriously, We’re Getting an Origin Story

    This shot says it all, and also jives with what Skarsgård told Vulture in 2017:

    “There was a scene we shot that was a flashback from the 1600s, before Pennywise [was Pennywise],” explains Skarsgard. “The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I’m not the clown. I look more like myself. It’s very disturbing, and sort of a backstory for what It is, or where Pennywise came from. That might be something worth exploring in the second one. The idea is the ‘It’ entity was dormant for thousands and thousands of years. The [flashback] scene hints on that.”

    07. An Affair to Remember


    Bev’s husband and Bill’s wife, Audra (Jess Weixler), won’t be thrilled.

    06. Eddie’s Sacrifice

    We said there would be spoilers, didn’t we? Well, if you couldn’t gather from above, Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone) doesn’t exactly make it out of the sewers, and based on what goes down in the book (and even the mini-series), this shot suggests his hero moment.

    05. A Fair to Remember

    The fair factors heavily into the events involving Adrian Mellon, but Bill? Not exactly. Based on this shot, however, it’s possible that it will have a significant presence in this sequel. Who might Bill be running after? Beverly? Audra? Some cotton candy?

    04. Here’s All That Blood Chastain Was Talking About…


    Back in February, Jessica Chastain told Jimmy Fallon that she did a scene with the most blood involved in a horror movie ever. The jury is still out on that one, but there’s no doubt that this is the scene in question. No wonder she had to pull it out of her eye.

    03. That’s Also the School Bathroom…

    Oh yeah, that’s definitely the school bathroom.

    02. The Ritual of Chud

    This one’s debatable, but this shot does suggest the Losers might actually take part in the Ritual of Chüd. What is the Ritual of Chüd? Good question, hard to answer. Essentially, it’s a psychic battle of wits suggested by an inter-dimensional turtle. Told you.

    Stream this episode of The Losers’ Club for more information:

    01. Pennywise Returns

    It’s not just the death of Adrian Mellon that compels Mike Hanlon to call back his friends 27 years later. It’s the ensuing disturbances around town, most of which involve missing children. As we see at the end, Pennywise is obviously the culprit, and he looks stronger than ever. What’s more, this scene suggests that the film will embellish some of the details only hinted at in the book.


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