Katy Perry returns with new single “Never Really Over” and video: Watch

The pop star heads to Malibu and becomes a hippie

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Katy Perry “Never Really Over”

    Katy Perry has revealed her new single, “Never Really Over”, as well as its official music video.

    On the Zedd-produced new song, Perry wants to ditch the digital age and her ex in exchange for something more fulfilling. “I guess I should try hypnotherapy/ I’ve got to rewire my brain,” the pop star sings on the second verse. “Because I can’t even go on the Internet/ Without even checking your name.”

    Perry’s desire to eschew the modern world is reflected in the accompanying clip, which was shot in Malibu. The American Idol judge is seen singing and dancing freely out in a sunny field. Between the setting and Perry’s attire, it’s clear she’s channeling the late ’60s.

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    “I would say that (in) this video, things that I’m touching on are kind of (out of) a time like the age of Aquarius, new age, esoteric, California, healing, hippie, medicinal — all of those key words!” she said at a recent viewing party for her video (via Variety).

    Check it out below.

    Update: In a statement, Perry says of the song: “All of our relationships – from first love, through failed love, to great love – all become a part of you, so that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light.”

    “Never Really Over” follows Perry’s 2018 holiday song, “Cozy Little Christmas”. It also comes less than a year after the 34-year-old pop star said she was taking a break from the music world. Her last album, Witness, dropped in 2017.


    In the years since that LP, Perry has remained in the spotlight as judge on American Idol. She also engaged in a feud with Taylor Swift and found herself in the middle of the Kesha/Dr. Luke legal battle. Additionally, Perry has been outspoken politically in recent years, throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris, as well turning in a performance at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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