Boards of Canada debut new two-hour mix Societas x Tape

Warp Records aired the "two-hour selection of mind melting offbeat psychedelia" during its 30th anniversary radio fest

Boards of Canada's Societas x Tape
Boards of Canada’s Societas x Tape

    It’s been a few years since Boards of Canada last made noise, but over the weekend, the UK electronic music duo briefly returned in celebration of Warp Records’ 30th anniversary. As part of the label’s WXAXRXP radio fest, BOC contributed a new two-hour mix.

    Warp Records describes Board of Canada’s Societas x Tape as “a two-hour selection of mind melting offbeat psychedelia.” As such, the playlist included tracks from Grace Jones, Devo, Pauline Oliveros, DAF, Severed Heads, George Duke, Yellow Magic Orchestra alongside rarities and left-field oddities that fans are still trying to identify. It’s also believed the mix contains some as-yet-unreleased material from the band itself (via The Quietus).

    Take a listen to the full mix below, and find an updated list of source material here. Boards of Canada’s last full-length album came in 2013 with Tomorrow’s Harvest.

    Warp Record’s WXAXRXP radio fest also featured an exclusive mix from Death Grips.

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