The Artisanals share Origins of new song “Violet Light”: Stream

The heartland rockers deliver an ode to faith and beauty

The Artisanals Violet Light Origins New Song Stream
The Artisanals Origins

    Origins is a recurring new music feature that asks artists to take a chance on sharing the inspiration behind their latest song. Today, The Artisanals shine some insight on their new track, “Violet Light”.

    In the rough and tumble times we live in, it can be all too easy to let the hard pressures of reality weigh down on you. The world can seem shaded in grays, troubled and unrelenting misfortune. But as The Artisanals remind us on their new song “Violet Light”, sometimes it just takes a glimpse of natural wonder to remind us of all the colors life really has to offer.

    The heartland rock outfit’s latest release follows their 2018 self-titled debut album. Guitars like cool desert dreams awaken to frontman Johnny Delaware’s vocals, which stand strong somewhere between a Petty and an Isbell. There’s a subtle weariness in his voice, but as he looks out at the New Mexico skyline, he’s overcome with a beckoning desire to “fill up the car and drive for no reason/ Fill my glass up with faith/ And Violet Light.” The track’s Americana tones take your hand and lead you on that ride, reassuring you that there is beauty to be found — and it’s worth searching for.


    Take a listen to “Violet Light” via its accompanying music video below.

    For more insight on “Violet Light”, The Artisanals’ Delaware has broken down the song’s Origins.

    New Mexico:

    The Artisanals Violet Light Origins New MexicoLiving here, I adored the desolate landscapes and all the space. I would drive around and rip cigs and listen to demos of my own songs, and enjoy the visions and feelings that would rise up.

    Purple Desert Sunsets:

    The Artisanals Violet Light Origins purple desert sunsentsColors can sometimes appear through music. We noticed the main riff of this song felt like violet, and I also saw the Sandia Mountains at sunset that look over Albuquerque.

    The Heart’s Path:

    The Artisanals Violet Light Origins the heart's path

    Path of Love, photo via Maria Eklind/Flickr

    This song is about not settling on yourself. I truly believe everyone has something to give, but we tend to sometimes ignore that intuitive voice. Feeling like you should be somewhere else is the worst feeling I have ever felt. This song is for all those who need to push open a new door and find the magic in life again.


    The Artisanals Violet Light Origins faithWhen I first started The Artisanals with Clay (Houle), I remember talking to a tree on a hero’s dose of mushrooms (10 grams or so). It showed me a vision of a plant coming out of the ground during a hail storm. It was getting whipped around by the wind and it struggled to hold on to its roots. The message was wise and simple: the beginning is never easy, but over time you get stronger and continue to grow and expand yourself. Know that whatever you are going through, it is going to be okay… hold a space for faith. You were made from the stars and you are more than you are conditioned to think.