Banks releases new album III: Stream

The alt-R&B artist discovers a newfound maturity in duality

Banks, photo by Steph Wilson new album stream III
Banks, photo by Steph Wilson

    Banks has released her new album, III. Stream the 13-track effort below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    III follows the alt-R&B singer’s 2016 full-length, The AltarAfter dropping that record, Banks embarked on a “self-imposed period of quiet and reflection,” allowing her to focus on self-acceptance and “deep love.” There, she was able to move beyond the naivety of her youthful romanticism to discover the power of duality.

    As she explained to TIME,

    “Everybody has so many different layers to them. In general something I’ve had a hard time digesting is that things are not just black and white, and life is messy. I write about the messiness. Messiness can be exciting, but it can be painful. No matter what I go through, I always want to have the hope that I associate with youth and kids—that wide-eyed naivete that you have when you’re little before you recognize anything dark. I think that’s what I meant by duality—having all the parts to who you are in one body of work.”

    Banks previewed her latest record with singles including “Gimme”, “Contaminated”, and the Francis and the Lights-assisted “Look What You’re Doing to Me”. Stream the entirety of III below.


    You can also catch Banks performing her new material live on her forthcoming “III Tour”. Find tickets here.

    III Artwork:

    BANKS III Album Cover artwork

    III Tracklist:
    01. Till Now
    02. Gimme
    03. Contaminated
    04. Stroke
    05. Godless
    06. Sawzall
    07. Look What You’re Doing To Me ft. Francis and the Lights
    08. Hawaiian Mazes
    09. Alaska
    10. Propaganda
    11. The Fall
    12. If We Were Made of Water
    13. What About Love