Eyehategod drummer Aaron Hill stabbed and robbed on way to band’s gig in Mexico

The drummer was assaulted while walking to the venue in Guadalajara

Eyehategod's Aaron Hill
Eyehategod’s Aaron Hill at Brooklyn’s Kingsland, photo by Jon Hadusek

Eyehategod drummer Aaron Hill was stabbed and robbed on his way to the band’s show in Guadalajara, Mexico on Sunday night, according to the news outlet Informador.

The incident occurred while Hill, 35, was walking from the band’s hotel to the nearby venue Forum Independence, where the band was set to play. According to police, three men and a woman accosted the drummer at an intersection, took his belongings, and then stabbed Hill, who suffered a small two-inch wound on his left side.

Hill is said to be doing “well”, according to the promoter, Show No Mercy, but the show was obviously canceled. In a translated Facebook post, the promoter mentions that the band had a “driver at their disposal” but Hill chose to walk from the nearby hotel because the band had been touring the city all afternoon.

“It is not possible that you can walk safely on the street willing to enjoy your Sunday,” the roughly translated statement added, insisting no blame should be placed on the venue, the police, the promoters or Hill himself.

We wish Hill a speedy recovery as Eyehategod continues their seemingly endless “4 Strikes…From the Elementary to the Penitentiary Tour”, which we can attest to being a rowdy time, as we caught the tour in Brooklyn back in May.

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