The Strokes’ booking agent lets it slip that new music is coming

Artist Group International President Marsha Vlasic also says she's excited to have "them back on the live music scene"


The Strokes, photo by Philip Cosores

    We’ve known The Strokes have some fresh material in their vaults ever since they debuted “The Adults Are Talking” during their first concert in two years. But that was back in May, and we haven’t heard any new songs at any performance since — heck, they haven’t even played “Adults” again. Now, though, their own booking agent has let slip that the band will soon be “coming with new music.”

    In an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Artist Group International President Marsha Vlasic was asked what “new” acts she was excited about. Apparently she interpreted that as “acts with new music in the works,” because as one diligent Strokes fan on Reddit discovered, Vlasic responded by confirming the band is prepping a release.

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    “The Strokes are coming with new music,” Vlasic said. “We had a heartbreak [June 2nd] in New York when they were headlining Governors Ball, the weather destroyed our show and we never played, but having them back on the live music scene is exciting.”


    (Vlasic also gave a major shoutout to Cage the Elephant, saying they were “groomed and set to, I hope, be the next Rolling Stones, please god, fingers crossed, everything crossed.”)

    The fact that someone so close to the alt-rock favorites is taking about “our show” and hinting that something’s in the works should excite fans. Still, it’s anyone’s guess when we might actually get that new Strokes music. There’s always the chance they’ll debut more music during upcoming festivals appearances at Lollapalooza, Corona Capital, and Ohana; so for now, your best bet to hear new Strokes tunes is to get tickets to their upcoming appearances here.

    The Strokes' last record came back in 2016 with their Future Present Past EP.