Jimmy Eat World drummer calls Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins “a fucking creepy douchebag”

He added: "I feel so much better now"

Third Eye Blind, photo by Debi Del Grande

    Don’t expect Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind to ever tour together again. Shortly after their co-headlining jaunt, JEW drummer Zach Lind threw the gauntlet down on Twitter by slamming 3EB singer Stephan Jenkins.

    “Stephan Jenkins is such a fucking creepy douchebag (I feel so much better now),” Lind tweeted earlier this month, adding in parentheticals: “I feel so much better now.” He then shared a photo of the band’s backstage guidelines with an “LOL”.

    If you’re not into squinting, the fine folks at Stereogum typed the whole thing out:

    “The members of Third Eye Blind will not be wearing laminates. Please learn their faces so they are granted entrance to all areas of the venue, but please also be diligent in making sure they are the only people allowed entrance backstage without laminates.”


    As Lind observed, “Just the way these photos are arranged tells you all you need to know about that operation.” To that, he digressed, “I genuinely feel bad for anyone stepping in to defend this dude when they have no idea what they’re defending. My assessment of the man here is extravagantly generous.”

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    “Extravagantly generous”, eh? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the case, Lind wasn’t through with his thoughts, as he consciously defended his takedown, concluding, “And for those saying I should have said my peace in person, a.) you don’t know I didn’t and b.) you’re coming to the defense of someone who literally redrafted his bands recording contract for his own benefit on the eve of the signing & didn’t tell his bandmates until years later!”

    While none of us can speak to Jenkins’ touring behavior, we can confirm that the singer does not want anyone to use his knee as a resting space, as our own senior writer Dan Caffrey discovered in 2016.


    In related news, Third Eye Blind recently announced their sixth full-length album, Screamer. Due out October 18th, the effort features Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells. They’ll support the LP with an appearance at Austin City Limits.

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