Meek Mill is officially off probation

After 12 years of battling in the courts, the rapper's 2008 gun conviction was finally thrown out

freed meek mill no longer on probation
Meek Mill, photo by Nick Langlois

After a decade’s worth of court battles, Meek Mill is no longer on probation.

Mill was finally awarded his freedom after his 2008 gun charges conviction was thrown out last month by the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Three judges ruled that the case’s main police officer and key witness, Reginald Graham, turned out to be crooked, and that the initial presiding judge, Judge Genece Brinkley, was biased against Mill.

The Philly MC put the case to rest on Tuesday by pleading guilty to possessing a firearm without a license. But all other charges from the original case were dropped, and Mill was officially declared to be off probation.

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“He was adult enough to admit he had a gun, so we feel this is appropriate,” said prosecutors, according to NBC 10. Meanwhile, Judge Leon Tucker addressed the Championships rapper, “I know this has been a long road for you and hopefully this will be the end of it.”

Outside of Philadelphia’s Justice Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice, crowds gathered to celebrate Mill’s triumph and perseverance. The artist served about two years behind bars because of the conviction and has spent the last 12 years trying to get it overturned. He’s also since become an ardent supporter of criminal justice reform.

Mill walked out of the court Tuesday to the apt tune of the “Rocky” theme song. “I wanted to thank everybody whoever stood for me,” said the rapper, born Robert Rihmeek Williams. “I’m very thankful from the bottom of my heart.” The audience cheered him on by chanting “Meek freed! Meek freed!”

Watch video footage of Mill’s speech.

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