Vince Staples releases first episode of The Vince Staples Show, plus new single “So What?”: Stream

It's directed by his frequent collaborator Calmatic

Vince Staples "So What?" The Vince Staples Show first episode video new song
Vince Staples

    Are you ready for The Vince Staples Show? The Long Beach rapper has shared the first episode of his new web series, along with a new single called “So What?”.

    Staples debuted his episodic show today on his website. The series will use vignettes to showcase his music, his personality, and “wild situations,” according to a press release. Frequent collaborator Calmatic, who created Vince Staples’ music video for “Fun” as well as the “Old Town Road” video, directed the series.

    The first episode, simply titled “So What? (Episode 01)”, sees Staples lounging in bed as movers bring his boxes into a new apartment. He answers a phonecall and finds out Malia Obama wants him to play her birthday party. No big deal. From there, things heat up over the course of the clip’s 4-minute runtime. Watch the full episode below.

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    It looks like the rest of the episodes will roll out in time. What will they be about, you ask? “Each episode revolves around a pivotal moment in which a new Vince Staples original song will be released as a stand-alone single,” is all the press release says. But sure enough, the debut episode of The Vince Staples Show delivered on that with “So What?”, a song that bounces around in usual Staples style, all peppy back beats, to an animated lyric video. It’s a good start to an unexpected mini-series.

    Check out the first episode of The Vince Staples Show as well as the lyric video for “So What?” below.

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