Boards of Canada share unreleased song “XYZ”: Stream

Included in Warp Records' new WXAXRXP Box Set

Boards of Canada XYZ new song Warp box set
Boards of Canada

    Boards of Canada have shared a previously unreleased song called “XYZ”. The song comes from the band’s Peel Session on the radio in 1998. Listen to it below.

    In 1998, Boards of Canada stopped by BBC Radio 1 to perform live on the air as part of a Peel Session. During their performance, they played four songs: “Aquarius”, “Happy Cycling”, “Olson”, and “XYZ”. While the band did release an EP with the songs back in 1999, the fourth track, “XYZ”, was removed due to sample licensing issues. So unless you’ve got extra money to spend on the rare copies of the EP that include “XYZ”, it’s impossible to find. Well, until now.

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    Warp Records is releasing a massive box set titled WXAXRXP Sessions to celebrate the label’s 30th anniversary. Pulling from Warp’s recent online radio broadcast, the box set includes mixes, documentaries, live performances, and film with artists across their roster like Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mount Kimbie, and more. Arguably the most exciting release, though, is the pressing of Boards of Canada’s Peel Session to vinyl, including “XYZ” for real this time.


    “XYZ” is a fuzzy, slow, mellow track that rides a couple synth notes out until glitchy beats fade quietly into focus. Over it, the duo begin to sing, warping their voices so it almost sounds like distorted sighs. For a live track, it’s incredibly well mixed and polished — which shouldn’t come as a surprise because this is Boards of Canada we’re talking about. Give it a listen below.

    Pre-orders for the box set are currently available. It’s a whopping $150, but it makes sense given there’s 10 different records as well as artwork, stickers, and other goodies. Find more information about the item at Warp’s website.