Dave East charged with misdemeanor battery after threesome turns violent

The Harlem rapper allegedly punched a sexual partner "5-6 times"

dave east battery vegas
Dave East

    Dave East is facing misdemeanor battery charges following a three-person altercation in Las Vegas.

    As reported by TMZ, the incident happened last Saturday. After meeting at Drai’s Nightclub, East and two women went back to the MC’s room at the Delano Hotel. They all engaged in sexual activities together, and that’s when things turned violent.

    East said one of the women “flipped out” on him because she wasn’t getting “as much attention” under the sheets. East stated that the woman then threw multiple champagne bottles at him, with some striking him on his head and leg. Authorities at the scene acknowledged that East had a number of cuts on his body.

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    The woman has relayed a different story, however. She told police that she and East began arguing during sex and that he attempted to punch her “5-6 times.” The woman made no mention of champagne bottles and said she quickly retreated to the bathroom to call 911.

    Update: East’s attorney, Stacey Richman, has shared the following statement regarding the incident:

    “The woman threw a soap dispenser and bottles of champagne at Dave. One of the bottles shattered on the wall, sending glass flying and cutting Dave.  Another bottle hit Dave with force in the head. The woman sought to continue her assault. Dave did not respond with violence. Instead Dave was concerned for everyone’s safety. Dave justifiably took the woman by the arm and put her out of the room. Dave did not assault anyone. He was ordered by his doctor to get CAT scan after the incident. We are waiting on the results. It was later learned that the woman had secreted Dave’s phones in her handbag.”

    There weren’t many witnesses to the dispute and the ones that have come forward only add to the “he-said, she-said” nature of the case. A third woman reportedly entered the hotel room during the altercation and described East as the “aggressor.” One of East’s friends also said he saw the rapper and the woman fighting, but backed East’s story about the bottles.


    East and the woman were both cited for battery, but neither was arrested.

    Last month saw Dave East release a pair of songs off his upcoming debut album, SURVIVAL.