Disney turned down chance to buy Twitter because “the nastiness is extraordinary”

CEO Bob Iger said, "The troubles were greater than I wanted to take on"

Disney did not buy Twitter nastiness nasty
Disney and Twitter

    The Walt Disney Co. almost bought Twitter, but ultimately rejected the deal because the site was too mean for their brand. Shocked at the website’s community, CEO Bob Iger later said, “The nastiness is extraordinary.”

    Once upon a time, way back in 2017, there was a little website called Twitter that caught the eyes of the monolith Disney. The idea at the time was for Disney to acquire Twitter to help modernize its distribution, The New York Times reports. When Iger saw the downsides of Twitter firsthand, though, he realized the deal couldn’t possibly be worth it. He began feeling intense dread and knew he had to reject the deal.

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    “The troubles were greater than I wanted to take on, greater than I thought it was responsible for us to take on,” he said. “There were Disney brand issues, the whole impact of technology on society. The nastiness is extraordinary.”


    “I like looking at my Twitter newsfeed because I want to follow 15, 20 different subjects. Then you turn and look at your notifications and you’re immediately saying, ‘Why am I doing this? Why do I endure this pain?” he continued. “Like a lot of these platforms, they have the ability to do a lot of good in our world. They also have an ability to do a lot of bad. I didn’t want to take that on.”

    Disney has plenty on its hands right now anyway. Their new streaming service, Disney+, will finally become available starting November 12th. It boasts everything from the Ms. Marvel series to the Home Alone reboot to a new Star Wars-themed series with Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The whole thing is available for $6.99 a month, or users can buy a special bundle of Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN  for $12.99.

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