Fiona Apple accepts Lil Nas X’s offer to collaborate

Lil Nas X previously sampled Apple on his track "Kim Jong"

Fiona Apple and Lil Nas X (2019 VMAs performance)

All is well that end’s well. The quick lived spat (was it even?) between Fiona Apple and Lil Nas X has wrapped in the best way possible: a potential collaboration.

To recount the brief (non) drama, last week the singer/songwriter gave a rare interview with Vulture. She discussed a new 2020 record, her song “Criminal” being used in Hustlers, and denying Panic! at the Disco’s use of her tune “Every Single Night”. Shortly after, Apple took to the internet to offer her own addendum to the interview. In a short video, Apple spoke directly to Lil Nas X, claiming the “Old Town Road” star had used a sample of that very same “Every Single Night” for his own tune “Kim Jong” without her permission. In maybe the most gentle confrontation the Internet’s seen in a while, she asked him, “Where’s my money, you cute little guy? Where’s my money?”

The video might’ve come off a little more accusatory than Apple had anticipated, or cared for. In updated remarks, the singer clarified, “I don’t think that Lil Nas X knew that it was my song or who I am. Why would he? And I don’t really think I’m gonna get money … I just was being cute, playful and it didn’t come off like that, I guess.”

Regardless, Lil Nas X got the message, and as an artist who seems to deeply love collaborations, he tweeted a proposition: “me & fiona apple should do something together for my album.”

Using a friend’s Twitter account, Apple posted a video response to the rapper’s invitation, saying, “You would like to do something with me? I would love that! This is such a good ending to this little story.” The artist followed it quickly with, “I’m not going on social media anymore, by the way, so I’ll get in touch with you personally. Bye.”

Will we ever get a Lil Nas X and Fiona Apple collaboration? Hard to say. But there’s some hope in Apple’s full response below.

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