Aunty Social announces debut EP, shares “Crack a Deal”: Stream

The Day My Brain Broke EP drops in March

aunty social day broke brain ep crack a deal
Aunty Social, photo by Melissa Jimenez

    Rising bedroom pop artist Aunty Social recently conducted a full purging of her life, throwing out all the negative and destructive habits that were no longer serving her. That intense emotional process is detailed on her newly announced debut EP, The Day My Brain Broke, due out March 6th through Nettwerk.

    “Each song represents something that affected me during my upbringing and during this journey into a toxic lifestyle,” explained Aunty Social, real name Daniela Gitto. “There are a lot of underlying mental health things that intertwine everything together.”

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    Over the summer, lead single “Trying” saw Aunty Social untangling her complex past with religion. The newest offering from the collection, today’s “Crack a Deal”, plays around with the idea of the “American Dream” — specifically, how to pursue such an ambition while also, ya know, actually getting by. The artist elaborated in a statement,


    “This song is a prayer to the 9 to 5 gods begging them to give me a break. All my circumstances prepared me for a conventional life except the actual desire. I worked a 9 to 5 office job getting good pay, did two years of college and did pretty well with only 1 year left to graduate, but instead, I dropped out and worked only to fund my music. It was hard balancing a job I hated just to fund my dream job. This song is how I expressed the conflicting thoughts that came along with it.”

    Stream “Crack a Deal” below via its official video, helmed by JESSAMINE.

    The Day My Brain Broke Tracklist:
    01. Trying
    02. Crack a Deal
    03. Traveling Circus
    04. Thinking About Thinking About Thinking
    05. Cortex