Local Natives share new song “Nova”: Stream

Inspired by Interstellar and... Playboi Carti

Local Natives new song Nova Interstellar Playboi Carti
Local Natives

    Local Natives have shared a new song called “Nova”. According to the band, it was influenced by the feeling of budding romance, the film Interstellar, and the music video for “Location” by Playboi Carti. Stream it below.

    Per a press release, Local Natives recorded “Nova” while working on their new album Violet StreetAt the last moment, they cut the song from the album, but still loved it enough to release it as a standalone track. That’s when they got the idea to edit the song to sync up with a specific scene in Interstellar only to realize they could one-up that by syncing it to “Location”. Still confused? Let the band explain.

    “It’s about the haze that surrounds you when you first fall in love, the all consuming fantasy of it,” the band wrote in a press release. “The recording was a prime example of the wild processes we undertook with our producer Shawn Everett. Like a mad scientist, Shawn spliced together moments of us jamming live as a full band inside his warehouse and the sound of smashing beer bottles into a trashcan. We edited all of it to sync up with the scene in Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey goes inside a black hole. With that scene being too long, we ultimately edited it to sync up with Playboi Carti’s music video for “Location.””

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    Sure enough, “Nova” in all of its 3:26 runtime glory is perfectly timed to the edit of Interstellar used in the “Location” clip. Who knows, maybe Playboi Carti will love the back-up soundtrack to his music video so much that the two could do a remix. Hey, we’re just throwing the idea out there. Until then, give “Nova” a listen below, and watch the music video for “Location” below it.

    Local Natives have a handful of winter shows lined up, including a festival stop at Phoenix’s M3F Festival, before they kick off their very buzzed-about co-headlining tour with Foals next spring. You can find tickets for all of their upcoming concerts here.

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