TNGHT share hook-laden single “First Body”: Stream

A third look at their forthcoming EP, TNGHT II

TNGHT First Body II EP
TNGHT, photo by Tom Keelan

    TNGHT recently announced their first release in seven years, TNGHT II EP, along with the single “Dollaz”. Today, the electronic producing pair have delivered another teaser track called “First Body”.

    Whereas “Dollaz” had a hammer-on-the-head vocal hook and beat movement, the new single finds Hudson Mohawke and Lunice grinding out a cyclical groove using midi sax and flute to pave the way. It’s a quick three minutes, but even that short burst denotes an expansion from the sound of the Glasgow-and-Montreal-based duo’s 2012 self-titled debut.

    In a press statement, Mohawke commented, “I think it’s a good indicator if something sounds weird and refreshing to us. It’s got to fuck with us a little bit when we’re listening to it.”

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    Listen to TNGHT’s “First Body” below.

    The full EP arrives November 12th through Warp and LuckyMe. Pre-orders can be found through Warp’s online store. You can also revisit early single “Serpent”.