Top 25 Tours of the 2010s

These are the jaunts and performances we'll be talking about for decades to come

lcd soundsystem live album release date
LCD Soundsystem, photo by David Brendan Hall

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    What’s the best concert you’ve been to since 2010? Take a minute. It’s a big question, one with plenty of right answers and no easy criteria by which to judge them. From pop music’s critical reemergence to reunion tours by bands you never thought you’d see again, it’s been a great decade for music, and we have an embarrassment of great concerts to choose from.

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    Did you pick your favorite concert? Good. While you were thinking, I pulled together my own list of the top 25 tours of the 2010s. Maybe we’ll agree. Most likely, we won’t. That’s ok, though. When it comes to debates about the music you love best, it’s almost impossible to lose.


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    25. Guided by Voices – Hallway of Shatterproof Glass Tour (2010-2011)

    Guided by Voices, photo by Katie Schuering

    Guided by Voices, photo by Katie Schuering

    Six years after bringing his legendary indie-rock outfit to a close at Chicago’s Metro on New Year’s Eve 2004, Robert Pollard resurrected Guided by Voices in the best way possible — by reconvening the band’s “classic lineup” of Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, and Greg Demos for the first time since 1996. On their Hallway of Shatterproof Glass Tour, GBV treated fans to raucous renditions of songs from their best-loved albums, including 1994’s Bee Thousand, 1995’s Alien Lanes, and 1996’s Under the Bushes Under the Stars. To paraphrase the band’s unofficial slogan: the club was once again open.

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