YG Brings Out Pornstar Stormy Daniels for “Fuck Donald Trump”: Watch

The woman who was paid hush money for actually fucking Donald Trump appears at Camp Flog Gnaw

YG Stormy Daniels Camp Flog Gnaw Fuck Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels and YG

    Just last month, YG had to kick a fan off stage because he wouldn’t chant along to the rapper’s signature track, “Fuck Donald Trump”. He had no such problem at this weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, as this time he brought someone up who has actually fucked Donald Trump: pornstar Stormy Daniels.

    Daniels, of course, was infamously paid $130,000 by Trump’s felon of a former attorney, Michael Cohen, to keep her affair with the then-reality star a secret. On stage at Camp Flog Gnaw, she told the crowd, “My name is Stormy Fucking Daniels, and I am the reason that Donald Trump is fucked.” (We’re sure she was referring to the ongoing legal drama around the hush money, but would anyone really be surprised if she were on the Ukraine call, too?)

    Feigning surprise, YG asked if she was the one who really slept with the POTUS. “I wouldn’t really call it fucking,” Daniels replied. “No, I just laid there.” That got a much more positive reaction from the Camp Flog Gnaw attendees than Drake’s surprise appearance did.

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    Daniels also showed off some impressive pectoral moves as “Fuck Donald Trump” kicked in, and you can watch the whole thing below.

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