of Montreal share punny new single “Polyaneurism”: Stream

Accompanied by a music video featuring puppy dogs in puppy love

of Montreal, photo by Christina Schneider polyaneurism music video dogs new song stream
of Montreal, photo by Christina Schneider

of Montreal will release their new album, UR FUN, next month. Having previously teased the White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood follow-up with last month’s “Peace to All Freaks”, Kevin Barnes’ experimental pop project is back with the single “Polyaneurism”.

The punny title refers to the headache and heartache a person can feel when they fall for someone who identifies as polyamorous. While that lifestyle is fine for someone people, it can be a challenge for those lovers who practice traditional monogamy. “I can’t keep up with the girl,” sings Barnes on the psych-pop bop. “She’s not mine, though/ She’s not his either.”

“Polyaneurism” comes with a Clayton Rychlik-directed video that explores polyamory via puppy love. Like, actual puppies in love, though. Check out the cute clip below.

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of Montreal have a massive winter and spring tour lined up in support of UR FUN. Get tickets here. The record is due out January 17th via Polyvinyl.

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