Rico Nasty goes “Hard” on thumping new single: Stream

With visuals directed by Reel Goats

Rico Nasty New Song Hard New Video Stream
Rico Nasty, in the “Hard” video

    Rico Nasty has dropped a new song “Hard”, and it more than delivers on its title.

    Over an ominous trap beat built around tinkling pianos, the Maryland MC busts out a hook that gets over on sheer enthusiasm. ““Bitch, I be goin’ hard!/ I get yo n**** hard!/ This blunt is hittin’ hard!/ And what I’m whippin’ hard!” When she’s not screaming out the chorus, she alternates between sticky slow flows and rapid-fire rhyme schemes that would sprain a lesser rapper’s tongue.

    In the accompanying visuals, directed by Reel Goats, Rico Nasty drives fast, dances wildly, stretches out in leather, and eats hundreds of pancakes in bed. It’s a great showcase for her idiosyncratic sense of style. Check out the video below.

    Rico Nasty has been on a tear this year, dropping Anger Management with Kenny Beats in April, and releasing the non-album singles “Time Flies and “Fashion Week”.