10 Most Anticipated Indie Rock Albums of 2020

The Strokes, The 1975, and HAIM all aim to prove that indie rock is alive and thriving

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    A New York Times study found that the songs we listen to during our formative years set our music taste as adults. At first, I thought this was completely untrue. I listen to new music; I’m a gat damn music journalist, thank you very much. However, a quick glance at my vinyl collection juxtaposed against my Spotify playlists brought me to the realization that my favorite current bands through squinted eyes could pass for my very first favorite bands. So, if you’re like me and cut your teeth watching The Strokes from your twin bed on your combination TV VHS player, immediately getting up to download their entire album illegally from Limewire using dial-up Internet (my apologies), then a new decade means a fresh evolution of more of the same, and you bet your worn-in band tee that’s something us indie rock lovers should be thrilled about.

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    It’s important to note that denotations such as indie rock and alternative rock and pop-rock, etc. have been used interchangeably in the past decade. No longer is the genre defined by independence. As long as your production veers post-punk, post-punk-punk, guitar-rock-pop et al, your skinny jeans might fit the bill. And what does that bill look like in the year of our lord 2020? Tame Impala’s ‘70s psych meets indie-electro via their new album, The Slow Rush,  Phoebe Bridgers fulfilling her promise of electronic elements, some analog stuff, and drum machines for a much anticipated new offering, The 1975’s presentation of political pop-rock via their latest iteration, Notes on a Conditional Form, and a much-awaited return from the band behind the soundtrack of my aforementioned illegal CD burning years (again, I’m sorry), The Strokes.

    –Erica Campbell
    Music Editor

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