Brian and Roger Eno announce first album as a duo, Mixing Colours, share “Celeste”: Stream

Sibling collaborators have been working on the record for 15 years

Brian Eno Roger Mixing Colours Celeste new album duo stream
Brian Eno and Roger Eno, photo via Deutsche Grammophon

    Brothers Roger and Brian Eno have had decades of collaborative experience together. Yet for all their work alongside one another, they’ve never released a project that was credited to just the two of them. That will soon change with the newly announced album Mixing Colours, due out March 20th via Deutsche Grammophon.

    Mixing Colours came together over 15 years (!) as the producer-composer siblings traded material via email. Putting everything together as a record wasn’t even on their minds when they first began. “I’d wake up, go straight upstairs, put my equipment on and improvise, then I sent things to Brian that I thought he might be interested in,” Roger said in a press release. “The idea for a full album emerged as the number of pieces kept increasing and the results kept being interesting. It’s something that neither of us could have arrived at alone.”

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    Each of the 18 songs on the collection save for one takes its name from a color, “comparable to those often attached to abstract paintings.” In a statement, Brian explained how the shifts in electronic composition gave the music a depth traditional instruments can’t reach:

    “With classical instruments, the clarinet represents a little island of sound, the viola another, and the grand piano yet another. Each instrument is a finite set of sonic possibilities, one island in the limitless ocean of all the possible sounds that you could make. What’s happened with electronics is that all the spaces in between those islands are being explored, yielding new sounds that have never previously existed. It has been a huge pleasure for me to explore that ocean with Roger’s unique compositions.”


    As a first listen to the joint effort, the Eno brothers have shared the delicate and sparse “Celeste”. Take a listen below.

    Pre-orders for Mixing Colours are available now. Find the artwork and tracklist ahead.

    Mixing Colours Artwork:

    Brian Roger Eno Mixing Colours album cover artowrk

    Mixing Colours Tracklist:
    01. Spring Frost
    02. Burnt Umber
    03. Celeste
    04. Wintergreen
    05. Obsidian
    06. Blonde
    07. Dark Sienna
    08. Verdigris
    09. Snow
    10. Rose Quartz
    11. Quicksilver
    12. Ultramarine
    13. Iris
    14. Cinnabar
    15. Desert Sand
    16. Deep Saffron
    17. Cerulean Blue
    18. Slow Movement – Sand

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