Neil Peart faced cancer battle with “bravery” and “humor”, says Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry

Perry offers intimate details of Peart's final years in a new tribute post

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Neil Peart, photo via Wikipedia Commons

    Former Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry has shared details of Neil Peart‘s final years of life as he battled an aggressive form of brain cancer.

    In a tribute post to his friend, Perry said that the Rush drummer faced “this brutal, aggressive brain cancer bravely, philosophically and with his customary humor, sometimes light and occasionally dark – all very characteristic of him, even given the serious situation and the odds handed to him at the time of the diagnosis and subsequent surgery. But he fought it.”

    “By his own request for privacy, few people knew, but his understandable response to
    this news in no way excludes or diminishes ALL of those who also knew him, worked with him or loved and admired him from up close, or at a distance,” Perry added.


    “His tenacious approach to life served him well during these last years and although he primarily kept his own counsel, he retained his dignity, compassion, understanding and his deeply inquisitive nature, which never deserted him. Remarkably, considering the severity of his condition (glioblastoma) and through the resulting aftermath, he really had no pain. This was always my first question when I saw him.”

    Peart passed away on January 7th. In the days since then, countless musicians have paid tribute to the rock legend, including fellow drummers Dave Grohl and Danny Carey.

    Read Perry’s full tribute to Peart below.