The Men share new single “Breeze”: Stream

The latest song off their forthcoming eighth album Mercy

The Men new Single breeze stream
The Men

    For Valentine’s Day this year, The Men are gifting their fans with a new album, Mercy. Following the lead single “Children All Over the World”, the Brooklyn outfit is back today with another preview in “Breeze”.

    Don’t be fooled by the title, however. “Breeze” is far more of a thrashing post-punk track then the synth-y drive of “Children All Over the World”. Coming in on the climbing chords of a classic ’80s rocker, the track tears into driving riffs and pummeling drums that harken back to The Men’s earlier albums. Its lyrics also might seem reminiscent of some other familiar songs, and that’s no accident.

    As guitarist/vocalist Nick Chiericozzi explained in a press release, the song was actually pieced together rather on the spot using lyrics from a few of his favorite tracks:

    “When we recorded ‘Breeze’ I’m fairly sure the four of us had never played it together. I wrote the lyrics in my car on lunch break. I didn’t have much going and we were recording the next day, so I typed out the lyrics for ‘Weighted Down’ by Skip Spence and ‘Wots the Deal’ by Pink Floyd. I cut those sheets up, slapped the two together, to get a flow happening and then added a few lines of my own.”


    Take a listen to “Breeze” below.

    The follow-up to 2018’s Drift, Mercy is out February 14th via Sacred Bones. Currently, the only show on The Men’s tour docket is a record release concert on March 7th at Ridgewood, New York’s TV Eye.