Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Amy Farina Form New Band Coriky, Announce Debut Album

Stream lead single "Clean Kill"

Ian MacKaye band Coriky Joe Lally Amy Farina new band debut album Clean Kill stream
Ian MacKaye, Amy Farina, and Joe Lally as Coriky

    Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Amy Farina have formed a new band called Coriky. The former members of Fugazi and The Evens have announced their debut self-titled album will come out on March 27th via Dischord. To celebrate, they’ve shared lead single and album opener “Clean Kill”.

    Our first look at the band arrived back in 2018 when the then-unnamed group performed live in Washington, DC. We were told that the songs sounded like a mix of MacKaye, Lally, and Farina’s other bands — which is now confirmed as accurate by way of “Clean Kill” — and that they were writing a record. It turns out that’s Coriky, an 11-song full-length that sees Farina on drums, Lally on bass, and MacKaye on guitar, with all three contributing vocals.

    “Clean Kill” sounds surprisingly, well, clean. There’s no rough-housing punk up top; instead, there’s reigned-in guitar, bass, and drum parts. Even the vocal harmonies are glossy and gentle, veering more towards minimalist The Evens than reckless Fugazi. But finally, in the song’s closing 40 seconds, MacKaye, Lally, and Farina come bursting forwards, launching into a louder, more aggressive melodic breakdown before cutting away sharply into silence. Stream it below.


    With no social media accounts or quotes to source, there’s not much else we know about Coriky. However, their Bandcamp page sets the simple facts straight: “Formed in 2015, Coriky did not play their first show until 2018. They have recorded one album. They hope to tour.” Yeah, that last sentence has us pretty dang excited.

    Pre-orders for Coriky’s debut album are currently ongoing. Below, find the album’s artwork and tracklist.

    Coriky Artwork:

    Ian MacKaye Joe Lally Amy Farina new band Coriky album artwork

    Coriky Tracklist:
    01. Clean Kill
    02. Hard to Explain
    03. Say Yes
    04. Have a Cup of Tea
    05. Too Many Husbands
    06. BQM
    07. Last Thing
    08. Jack Says
    09. Shedileebop
    10. Inauguration Day
    11. Woulda Coulda