Throwing Muses Return With New Single “Dark Blue”: Stream

From Sun Racket, their first album in seven years

Throwing Muses New Song single Dark Blue Stream
Throwing Muses, photo by Steve Gullick

    At the beginning of February, Boston trio Throwing Muses announced their first album in seven years, Sun RacketNow they’ve shared the lead single “Dark Blue”, as well as the album’s artwork and tracklist.

    With song names like “Bywater” and “Maria Laguna”, Sun Racket is thematically linked to the sea. Lead single “Dark Blue” will open the album, and in the first few seconds we’re introduced to a melancholy surf guitar that’s abruptly obliterated in a tidal wave of distortion. It sounds like a thesis statement, like California sun getting blown away by a violent New England gale. Stream “Dark Blue” below.

    In a statement, vocalist Kristin Hersh explained how the album was made from competing musical impulses, specifically heaviness and light.

    “All [the album] asked of us was to comingle two completely disparate sonic vocabularies: one heavy noise, the other delicate music box. Turns out we didn’t have to do much. Sun Racket knew what it was doing and pushed us aside, which is always best. After thirty years of playing together, we trust each other implicitly but we trust the music more.”


    Sun Racket arrives May 22nd, and pre-orders are ongoing. A special violet vinyl edition will be available as an indie store exclusive, and you can keep scrolling for the artwork and tracklist.

    There are currently no tour dates for Throwing Muses, which is a shame, because last year they played at The Cure’s Pasadena Daydream and they absolutely killed it. 


    Sun Racket Artwork:

    Throwing Muses Artwork

    Sun Racket Tracklist:
    01. Dark Blue
    02. Bywater
    03. Maria Laguna
    04. Bo Diddley Bridge
    05. Milk At McDonald’s
    06. Upstairs Dan
    07. St. Charles
    08. Frosting
    09. Kay Catherine
    10. Sue’s