Ravenous Cooks Up a Hearty Stew for Cannibals and Feminists

The Horror Virgin continues Women in Horror month with Antonia Bird's deadly dish

Ravenous - The Horror Podcast
Ravenous – The Horror Podcast

    “It’s lonely being a cannibal; tough making friends.”

    Is this black horror comedy a feminist commentary on toxic masculinity? What do courage and cowardice really mean? Where are all the women? We’ll chew on these questions and wash them down with a little snark. Mickey and Todd dig into gender norms and Jenn gets a little thirsty for a certain sweater wearer.

    No cold shoulders on this episode. The conversation ranges from the moral and metaphorical implications of cannibalism, the damage caused by the patriarchy, and the harmful reality of manifest destiny. And, of course, we have to talk about that soundtrack. So pull up a chair and join us because we’re starving.

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