Iron and Wine and Calexico Wave Goodbye in Brooklyn

Assembly attempts to resolve two final outstanding mysteries in its season finale

Assembly - Iron and Wine and Calexico
Assembly – Iron and Wine and Calexico

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    In the final episode of its debut season, Assembly heads to Brooklyn, NY – Prospect Park, specifically – as Iron and Wine and Calexico end their repose, their week, and their renewal with their preferred form of communication: a performance.

    Background vocals courtesy of Mother Nature, of course.

    There’s still one final, outstanding mystery to resolve this season: “What brings people together?” Well, okay, two final mysteries: “Is anyone even from Brooklyn anymore?” Listeners beware, the best mysteries, like the best moments, never, ever end.


    Even so, Assembly expects to chase theirs until the final song is sung. So, in this finale, we’ll also exchange some “this is not goodbye” goodbyes with the three musicians, learn what roads they’ll travel next, and how they spiritually need to stay connected.

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