Bethlehem Steel’s Rebecca Ryskalczyk Teams with Pile, Washer Members for DAMP EP: Stream

The EP dropped early to take advantage of Bandcamp waiving its fees

DAMP New EP Rebecca Ryskalczyk Bethlehem Steel, Pile, Washer Bandcamp

    Rebecca Ryskalczyk, of September Artist of the Month Bethlehem Steel, has formed a new side-project called DAMP. The rock outfit features Ryskalczyk’s partner, Nick Dooley, as well as members of the bands Washer and Pile. As a first listen to the group, DAMP’s self-titled EP is available now exclusively on Bandcamp.

    Ryskalczyk and Dooley initially started DAMP as a way to make gas money while they were traveling the country together. The new EP features performances by Alex Molini of Pile, Karna Ray from The Kominas, and Washer’s Mike Quigley. In addition, Ryskalczyk’s Bethlehem Steel bandmate Christina Puerto swings by for a guitar solo on “Praise and Drain”.

    Ryskalczyk had envisioned a much slower rollout for the projectbut the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away bands’ ability to earn that extra gas money the old-fashioned way. When Bandcamp announced it would be waiving its fee for one day to support artists, Ryskalczyk gave the DAMP EP a gentle shove out the door. Purchasing the album via Bandcamp today (Friday, March 20th) will ensure 100% of the money goes to the members of DAMP.


    The DAMP EP can be streamed below; if you like what you hear, you can purchase it directly in the embed. You can also find the effort’s artwork and tracklist ahead.

    DAMP Artwork:

    DAMP Tracklist:
    01. Binsy
    02. Praise and Drain
    03. Fascia
    04. Most Important Otters
    05. Death, Sex, And Arby’s