Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift Reportedly Sending Money to Fans Struggling Due to COVID-19 Shutdown

The pop stars have been secretly contacting fans on social media

ariana grande taylor swift donating fans money coronavirus
Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (photo by David Brendan Hall)

    The Senate may have just passed a massive coronavirus stimulus bill, but some pop stars have already been dishing out aid to fans. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have reportedly been reaching out to followers on social media who are struggling due to the COVID-19 shutdown and offering to send money.

    Buzzfeed reports that at least five T-Swift’s fans received personal DMs from the Lover singer asking for their PayPal information. Samantha Jacobson posted on Twitter about being unemployed during the crisis, while Holly Turner wrote on Tumblr that she was worried job cancellations would force her to move out of New York City. Both of them later posted screenshots of PayPal transactions for $3,000 from Taylor Nation, LLC.

    Three other Swifties shared similar stories, including a woman named India Rose. Rose had lost her retail job and a new position she’d been hired for had been postponed six months; in response to Swift’s generosity, she sent the singer images of her cat, Fat Louis.


    Grande, meanwhile, has been quietly sending Venmo payments of $500 to $1,500 to fans in need, according to TMZPage Six quotes one lucky recipient saying, “She reached out and took care of my salary for a month.” Apparently, over 20 fans have received the Sweetener star’s assistance.

    While the payments seem to be random (and reporting like this surely leading to an influx of DMs looking for handouts), the gestures are incredibly generous in these tough times for all. Find screenshots from some of the fans below.

    Though major musicians are able to help others right now, smaller independent artists need fans’ help just as much. For tips on how you can help, head here.