Soccer Mommy on First Concerts, Touring Healthy, and the Power of Hilary Duff

Sophie Allison also shares the art of finding the best eats in the middle of nowhere

This Must Be the Gig - Soccer Mommy
This Must Be the Gig – Soccer Mommy

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    A week out from the release of new album Color Theory, Soccer Mommy singer-songwriter Sophie Allison dials into the show to discuss her first gigs, harrowing tour experiences, and much more.

    After her 2018 album, Clean, blew away the indie rock scene with its assured songwriting, Allison and her band returns with an even more propulsive effort in Color Theory: a record in three parts, where each section matches a theme like mortality or doubt to a specific color.


    In addition to the roots of this incredible new record, Allison and host Lior Phillips discuss the magical art of finding the right lunch spot in the middle of nowhere while on tour, downloading Kelly Clarkson, opening for Kacey Musgraves, and getting to touch Hilary Duff’s hand.

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