Michael Madsen Recreates Iconic Reservoir Dogs Scene With Family In Quarantine: Watch

Mr. Blonde is back at it again

Michael Madsen Recreates Scene in Reservoir Dogs
Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

Are you gonna bark all day, lil’ doggie, or are you gonna bite? That’s the big question going around Michael Madsen’s home. Over the weekend, the Reservoir Dogs star recreated his iconic scene with his family amidst quarantine.

As you can see below, the now-haunting Stealer’s Wheel tune plays as Madsen waltzes from room to room. Look closely and you’ll see his family members have suffered the same fate as ill-fated Los Angeles cop Marvin Nash. It’s … cute? Of course, the best part is seeing Madsen do his little dance, bringing us back to the Tarantino classic.

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