The Collection Is A Grisly Mashup of Action and Body Horror

The Horror Virgin takes a guided tour through a menagerie of torture porn

The Horror Virgin - The Collection
The Horror Virgin – The Collection

    “Only one survivor. Only one chance to escape pure evil.”

    There’s a prolific serial killer on the loose. He likes to rig elaborate death traps and keep people in boxes. But we’ll probably be safe at this underground club. We’ve assembled an elite task force (and one guy in flannel) and followed the marks on our arms to the creepy abandoned hotel. It’s all part of our plan to find this 2012 Saw knock-off sequel, The Collection.

    We’ll move through exhibits on the unholy marriage of action and body horror, the history of elite task force staging rooms, and the crazy amount of preparation it would take to rig a night-club for murder. We’ll also investigate whether the Collector is actually the Phantom of the Opera or just Eddie Vedder in disguise. So, grab your headphones for this self-guided tour.

    Nice shoes.

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    Finally, a Sequel to The Collector and The Collection is Happening!

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