Clutch’s Neil Fallon Crushes AC/DC’s “Riff Raff” with Members of Cave In, Converge, and more: Watch

The latest socially distant performance from the "Bedroom Covers" series

Clutch Neil Fallon AC/DC cover Cave In Converge
Clutch’s Neil Fallon and company cover AC/DC

    The folks over at Two Minutes to Late Night have delivered yet another stellar quarantine performance, with Clutch singer Neil Fallon leading a rousing cover of AC/DC’s “Riff Raff”.

    Like the previous videos in the “Bedroom Covers” series, the AC/DC performance features each musician performing from his own home. Interestingly enough, this series was conceived before the pandemic, and a few of the artists recorded and filmed their contributions as early as January.

    Two Minutes to Late Night host Gwarsenio Hall (aka Jordan Olds), a constant in all of these videos, sings and performs bass on the AC/DC cover. He’s joined by drummer Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man), and guitarists Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), Adam McGrath (Cave In, Wear Your Wounds), and Tom Draper (Carcass).


    Fallon comes in at the 1:53 mark and absolutely crushes the lead vocals on the track from AC/DC’s 1978 Powerage album, delivering a powerful rasp that would surely make the late Bon Scott proud.

    The AC/DC song follows previous “Bedroom Covers”, including a take on Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” featuring Chelsea Wolfe; Danzig’s “Snakes of Christ” featuring Baroness’ Gina Gleason; and Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years” featuring High on Fire’s Chris Maggio.

    Check out the socially distant performance of AC/DC’s “Riff Raff” below.