Cut Copy Return with New Single “Love Is All We Share”: Stream

Their first new recording in almost three years

Cut Copy Love Is All We Share new song music video new music, photo by Thomas Frim
Cut Copy, photo by Thomas Frim

Cut Copy are back just in time to give you something to dance about. The Australian electronic group have returned with a new single called “Love Is All We Share” and a vibrant music video, both of which are a fitting mood for the current state of the world.

This is the first slice of new music Cut Copy have shared in almost three years. It follows their 7-inch single “Ocean Blue” from 2018 and their fifth studio album, Haiku from Zero, which came out in 2017. According to frontperson Dan Whitford, the track came together when Cut Copy were experimenting with downsizing their sound.

“’Love Is All We Share’ is a song we made using only a handful of sounds, hoping to create an intimate and unworldly atmosphere,” Whitford said in a press release. “It was written a year ago about the anxieties of imagined future times, as technology becomes more all-consuming. But in light of recent events the song took on an eerie significance. Now, with our immediate future uncertain and people the world over self isolating, “love” more than ever, feels like one of the best things we can share.”

Musically, “Love Is All We Share” picks up where the softer side of Cut Copy left off. It’s mellow and smooth, all muted production and drawn-out vocals, and the effect feels like you’re skating on ice in a snowstorm. There’s lots of moving beauty to it, even if the tempo suggests it’s best listened to while sitting still.

In the music video, directed by contemporary artist Takeshi Murata, slow-motion shots capture bubbles soaring through the air, colliding into one another, and swirling around. It almost feels like you’re watching an unfathomable close-up of molecules dividing and absorbing one another. Leave it to Cut Copy to make something everyday feel like a blissful restructuring of science. Watch it below.

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