David Bowie’s Earthling-Era Live Album Receives First Public Release was previously only available to subscribers of BowieNet

David Bowie's "Earthing Tour"
David Bowie’s “Earthing Tour”, photo via Tumblr

    David Bowie live album capturing performances from his 1997 “Earthling Tour” will soon receive its first-ever public release. Entitled, the 2000 album was originally available in limited quantities to subscribers of Bowie’s early aughts dial-up internet subscription service BowieNet. Now, on May 15th, Parlophone Records will give its firs proper commercial release with two bonus tracks.

    The tracklist features songs from Bowie’s Outside and Earthling as performed in New York, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, and at the UK’s Phoenix Festival. The two bonus tracks are of “Pallas Athena” and “V-2 Schneider”, the latter of which is named after Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider, who died this week at the age of 73

    Below, listen to Bowie’s performance of “Little Wonder” from New York City’s Radio City Music Hall in October 1997:


    Last month brought the release of ChangesNowBowie, featuring nine previously unreleased tracks from an acoustic session in New York in 1996. To coincide with the album’s release, the video for Bowie’s 1997 version of “Repetition” was finally unearthed. Artwork:

    David Bowie LiveAndWell Tracklist:
    01. I’m Afraid Of Americans (New York, Radio City Music Hall, October 15, 1997)
    02. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Long Marston, Phoenix Festival, July 18, 1997)
    03. I’m Deranged(Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
    04. Hallo Spaceboy (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)
    05. Telling Lies (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
    06. The Motel (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
    07. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997)
    08. Battle for Britain (The Letter) (New York, Radio City Music Hall, October 15, 1997)
    09. Seven Years In Tibet (New York, Radio City Music HallYork, October 15, 1997)
    10. Little Wonder (New York, Radio City Music HallYork, October 15, 1997)
    11. Pallas Athena (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)
    12. V-2 Schneider (Amsterdam, Paradiso, June 10, 1997)

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