Car Seat Headrest Unveil New Album Making a Door Less Open: Stream

The first collection of all-new material since 2016's Teens of Denial

car seat headrest release making a door less open
Car Seat Headrest, photo by Carlos Cruz

    Car Seat Headrest have released their new album Making a Door Less Open. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    The project marks the Will Toledo-led outfit’s first batch of completely new material since the widely-praised Teens of Denial from 2016. In that time, the band has put out a live album, Commit Yourself Completely, and the “thrillingly ambitious” re-recorded version of Twin Fantasy

    MADLO was written while Toledo and his Car Seat bandmate Andrew Katz were simultaneously working on their electronic side-project, 1 Trait Danger. As the aesthetics of both endeavors bled into one another, CSH ended up recording two versions of the LP — one in the traditional indie rock style, the other more informed by synthesized sounds. The final album is an amalgamation of both those collections.


    Further proving the intertwined nature of CSH and 1 Trait Danger on MADLO, Toledo has even portrayed the character of the gas-masked Trait in press photos for the band (see above).

    In the lead-up to the new album, the group’s shared singles such as “Can’t Cool Me Down”, “Martin”, and “Hollywood”.

    Making a Door Less Open Artwork:

    Car Seat Headrest making a door less open

    Making a Door Less Open Tracklist:
    01. Weightlifters
    02. Can’t Cool Me Down
    03. Deadlines (Hostile)
    04. Hollywood
    05. Hymn (Remix)
    06. Martin
    07. Deadlines (Thoughtful)
    08. What’s With You Lately
    09. Life Worth Missing
    10. There Must Be More Than Blood
    11. Famous