Tei Shi Releases New Song “Die 4 Ur Love”: Stream

Her first new music since her 2019 album La Linda

Tei Shi New Song Die 4 Ur Love Single Stream
Tei Shi, via Instagram

    Tei Shi, the Canadian-Columbian artist known for her collaborations with Blood Orange, has released the new song called “Die 4 Ur Love”.

    For the songwriter born Valerie Teicher, “Die 4 Ur Love” is her first new music of the year. It’s faster and more danceable than the tracks on her 2019 album, La Linda, and the way she repeats, “Die, die, die, die, die for your love now,” recalls a songwriter like The-Dream, who finds the stickiest part of a hook and runs it past the ear over and over again until you can’t get it out of your head.

    Via StereogumTei Shei explained that the song is about feeling like the world is ending. She said,

    “Die 4 Ur Love” is a song about the end of the world as you know it. About losing someone or something you never knew you could lose, and then all of a sudden, your reality shifts. All the things you would have done, or said, the love you could have given, and being willing to die over it. I wrote it right after the new year when I was feeling a sense of impending doom and darkness, which now feels surreal to see taking form in a real way around the world and in how the rest of 2020 has unfolded.”


    Stream “Die 4 Ur Love” below and listen to her interview with Kyle Meredith With… shortly after. Tei Shi was scheduled to open for Blood Orange on his spring tour, but most of the dates have been postponed due to coronavirus concerns.

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