The Regrettes Share Dreamy New Quarantine Anthem “What Am I Gonna Do Today?”: Stream

Spend an afternoon with the Los Angeles pop punk quartet

The Regrettes - "What Am I Gonna Do Today?"
Lydia Night of The Regrettes

The Regrettes are staying busy (and fit) in quarantine. Today, they’ve released a new anthem for the pandemic titled, “What Am I Gonna Do Today?”, a question they more or less answer with their accompanying music video.

“Weirdly enough, I wrote this song a few weeks before any of the shit started going down about wanting things to just freeze and slow down,” said frontwoman Lydia Night in a press release. “Ironically, that’s exactly what was about to happen, I just didn’t know it yet. The lyrics are so scarily relevant, I thought, Damn, that’s the perfect song to release right now. So, I hit up the rest of my band and we made it happen remotely. Drew, our drummer, engineered, we all produced, and then voilà!”

It’s perfect timing. The track, which feels like an extension of last year’s incredible How Do You Love?, is a total afternoon daydream. Night speaks for all of us when she meditatively sings, “Both of us are always waitin/ for a time with nothin in our way/ both of us anticipatin/ for a day that can turn into tomorrow/ without sayin goodbye.”

The video only exacerbates those feelings. It’s a string of lazy and hazy video chats among Night and her fellow bandmates Genessa Gariano, Brooke Dickson, and Drew Thomsen. Everyone’s staying mentally and physically sound, be it exercising, playing with snails, or chilling with cats. It’s incredibly charming, and you can join ’em below.

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