Rose McGowan on Planet 9 and Building a Better World

Actor/musician/activist discusses taking on abusers, her first concert, and much more

This Must Be the Gig - Rose McGowan
This Must Be the Gig – Rose McGowan

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    This week, This Must Be the Gig is joined by actor, filmmaker, musician, and fearless activist Rose McGowan. Known for her roles in films like Scream and Jawbreaker and TV shows like Charmed, Rose’s recent life has been dedicated to bringing the horrors of abusers such as Harvey Weinstein to light and to justice—a subject she faces with boundless fortitude.

    Most recently, she has turned her passion towards making music, namely the new album Planet 9. Rose envisioned this alternate planet as a child, and has shared an album encapsulating the feeling of hope, escape, and light for herself and for listeners as a comfort, solace, and respite. In this chat, Rose and host Lior Phillips discuss what it took to bring Planet 9 to life, speaking your truth, using music as mind medicine, and so much more.


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