Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees Promotes Face Masks in New PSA Video: Watch

Wearing a mask can be scary, not wearing one could be deadly...

Friday the 13th Face Mask
Friday the 13th Face Mask PSA

    After decades of slaughtering camp counselors and teenagers, Jason Voorhees is promoting … safety. In a new PSA video by Ogilvy Health and the Chimney Group, the Friday the 13th movie monster is insisting on masking up against COVID-19.

    “It’s not easy,” Voorhees says in a funny voice over. “The mask kind of makes people feel uncomfortable. I wish everyone could see me for who I am. I’m just trying to fit in. I know … the whole chainsaw thing … I get it. But behind the mask, I’m just a regular guy.”

    To be fair, Voorhees is more of a machete guy, but we’ll let it pass, especially since it’s for such a good cause. After all, we’re living in Trump’s America, where science has become politicized and health is selfishly up for debate.


    Watch below.


    “How can we get them to pay attention to this life-saving message” the video’s caption asks. “Tap into pop culture and entertain them. Don’t preach. Don’t fear-monger. Do the opposite. Make them smile, engage and share with their peers.”

    It’s not a bad idea, and it’s advice Ogilvy is hoping citizens heed as the tri-state area continues to re-open. Consequence of Sound shares those sentiments, which is why we’re offering our own line of masks to keep you covered.

    You might recognize the mug on this one…