Jaws 2 Overcomes a Floundering Plot to Become a VHS Classic

The Horror Virgin concludes aquatic horror month with a return to Amity Island

The Horror Virgin - Jaws 2
The Horror Virgin – Jaws 2

    “Sharks don’t take things personally.”

    Just when you pod it was safe to go back in the water …

    The Horror Virgin is back to investigate some mysterious underwater activity on Amity Island. We hate to break it to you, but we think we have another shark problem. Meet us on the dock at 8:00 a.m. as we join Chris Atkinson from CinemaSins for a day sail to Cable Junction with Jaws 2.

    We’ll decide if nostalgia and awesome shark action sequences are enough to overcome a floundering plot. Why does Chief Brody still not know how to drive a boat? Is Jaws 2 actually an aquatic Slasher film, or Splasher? And the most important question of all: Is Roy Scheider a secret sex symbol? Spoiler: Yes he is. We think it’s the tan.

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