Cloud Nothings Release Surprise New Album The Black Hole Understands: Stream

It was written and recorded remotely while quarantining

Cloud Nothings The Black Hole Understands new album stream new music, photo by Daniel Topete
Cloud Nothings, photo by Daniel Topete

    Surprise! Cloud Nothings have unveiled a new album called The Black Hole Understands. You can purchase it now and stream it in full via Bandcamp.

    The Black Hole Understands is a 10-song full-length that was written and recorded remotely while self-isolating during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. A 25% cut of the proceeds will be donated to Play on Philly in Philadelphia and Rainey Institute in Cleveland, both of which provide music and arts education to communities that don’t have easy access to such in their respective local areas.

    “It’s a quarantine album, so like… not actually recorded live,” singer Dylan Baldi tweeted. “I’m playing instruments and singing, Jayson is playing drums. It’s poppy and also kind of sad, which is more or less my state of mind.”


    According to Baldi, there’s more music on the way. Cloud Nothings are starting a Bandcamp subscription service where patrons will receive a digital EP every month, a regular discount on merch, and two vinyl records a year. Additionally, Cloud Nothings already recorded a different album “as an actual band in a room playing” back in February of this year, but there’s no current release date scheduled for that record.

    The Black Hole Understands Artwork:

    The Black Hole Understands by Cloud Nothings album artwork cover art


    The Black Hole Understands Tracklist:
    01. Story That I Live
    02. The Sound of Everyone
    03. An Average World
    04. A Weird Interaction
    05. Tall Gray Structure
    06. A Silent Reaction
    07. The Mess Is Permanent
    08. Right on the Edge
    09. Memory of Regret
    10. The Black Hole Understands