Lomelda Teases Upcoming Album With Gorgeous New Single “It’s Infinite”: Stream

Indie folk artist's new full-length, Hannah, drops in September

Lomelda It's Infinite new song stream new album Hannah new music, photo by Tonje Thilesen
Lomelda, photo by Tonje Thilesen

    Lomelda, the indie folk project of musician Hannah Read, has shared a new song called “It’s Infinite”. It’s the latest single to come from Hannah, her upcoming album, before it drops on September 4th via Double Double Whammy.

    Technically, this is the second Hannah teaser, following lead track “Wonder”. Both songs have painted the full-length as an introspective, insightful, and honest listen that uses acoustic guitar and lush percussion to draw out those feelings.

    On its own, “It’s Infinite” is a gorgeous rush of stirring folk, the kind that Lomelda made a name for herself with, but it carries arguably more momentum than we’ve seen from her prior. Needless to say, that little burst of optimism and emotion is welcome more than ever these days.


    According to a statement from Read, the song is about overcoming the fear of failure. “‘It’s Infinite’ is about missin shots and missin dogs and deciding that even if I get all mad and muddy runnin after ’em, I’m still gonna,” she said. “I am still gonna sing songs and truck along towards heaven on earth til I die.”

    In the music video, directed by Regina Gonzalez-Arroyo, sweeping shots of the outdoors are paired with animated doodles of angels. While a person can be seen walking through a tall marsh, coated in a blanket of golden-hour rays at sunset, the cartoons circle around nearby, grinning ear to ear while encouraging the person to carry on. Eventually, some very cute dogs show up for a run, too. Watch it below.

    Pre-orders for Hannah are currently ongoing. Check out the album artwork and tracklist after the jump.


    Hannah Artwork:

    Hannah by Lomelda album artwork cover art

    Hannah Tracklist:
    01. Kisses
    02. Hannah Sun
    03. Sing for Stranger
    04. Wonder
    05. Polyurethane
    06. Reach
    07. It’s Lomelda
    08. Stranger Sat By Me
    09. It’s Infinite
    10. Hannah Happiest
    11. Both Mode
    12. Big Shot
    13. Tommy Dread
    14. Hannah Please